Motivational Speaker Joachim De Posada: Hispanic/Latino Keynote Speaker

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Want to know why many consider Joachim de Posada to be the World's Greatest Hispanic Speaker?

Fluent in English and Spanish with a Doctorate in Psychology to boot, Dr. Posada is the bilingual speaking sensation who has engaged, entertained, educated and enthralled audiences in over 60 nations. He was declared the Most Distinguished Hispanic Speaker by the Latino Speakers Bureau in 2007, recognized as one of America's 25 Hot Speakers by the National Speakers Association in 2009, and his presentation at TED U has been viewed over one million times!

Motivational Speaker Immediate past president of both the Latin America Professional Speakers Association and the Florida Speakers Association, Dr. Joachim de Posada is also a prolific writer and the principal author of four best-selling books including Don't Gobble the Marshmallow...Ever, Don't Eat the Marshmallow...Yet and How to Survive Among Piranhas. They have been printed in 20 languages and sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Joachim also posts regularly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and his new WordPress blog. He welcomes all fans, followers and subscribers!

Keynote Speaker Co-authored by Bob Andelman and released in hardcover, Kindle, NOOK Book, eBook and iBook format, his latest best-selling book is entitled Keep Your Eye on the Marshmallow. Robert Chesney, executive producer of Window on Wall Street, gives it this critical acclaim: "Joachim's brilliant message is our world's best antidote for the 'instant gratification' maladies that are undermining our success and happiness as a society."

Hispanic Speaker Before becoming a world-renowned speaker and author, Joachim de Posada served as Training Director for the Learning Systems Division of the Xerox Corporation. Since that time - in the roles of behavioral management consultant, sales trainer and group or team coach - he has helped hundreds of business, sports and other organizations develop and deliver programs to improve productivity, increase sales and inspire winners!

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