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Latino Motivational Speaker & Behavioral Management Consultant Posada

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Latino Motivational Speaker:
Behavioral Management Consultant Posada

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

A management consultant is someone who provides value through specialized expertise, content, behavior, skill and other resources to help organizational clients improve performance and results in measurable ways. And when it comes to behavioral management, Dr. Joachim de Posada has few peers.

Over the past 35 years Dr. Posada has helped scores of major corporations, sports teams and other organizations around the globe achieve their goals and realize their full potentials. Here is a long and distinguished list of clients who shared the insight to avail themselves of his unique blend of business acumen and behavioral expertise:

Organizational Management Consulting

Management Consultant A degreed psychologist and veteran consultant, Joachim de Posada develops and delivers human resource empowerment and improvement programs that maximize personal productivity and organizational efficiency, increase sales, decrease costs and inspire winning teams. Specific programs can be tailored to target creativity, customer service, leadership, management, personality, sales, stress and team-building. Here is an overview:

Sales, Productivity & Leadership

Behavioral Consultant Before investing in the development of someone, would you care to know more about the individuals strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning methods and even key values? Personality is at the heart of answering these questions, and Joachim de Posada can combine his extensive behavioral expertise with powerful personality assessment techniques to get you the answers you need to make better human resource decisions. Learn more here:

Personality Assessment & Behavioral Expert

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