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Latino Keynote Speaker For Meeting Professionals

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Latino Keynote Speaker For Meeting Professionals

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

Regardless of where your meeting, convention or event will be held ... regardless of whether your audience speaks English or Spanish ... regardless of whether you need a keynote speaker, program leader, or panel participant ... if improving people, processes or profits is the message ... and entertaining enlightenment is the medium ... then Joachim de Posada, CSP is your man!

Panel Participant

Dr. Posada is an internationally acclaimed expert on business management, leadership, marketing, sales and motivation. Over the past 35 years he has delivered moving messages for hundreds of the world's leading business enterprises, trade groups and sports organizations ... in 60 countries ... and in Spanish, English or both! As Ray Pelletier once proclaimed:

"Posada is like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale all rolled in one ... and he does it in two languages!"

Meeting Keynote Call on Posada and make your next event a guaranteed success! That's right ... contact Posada and tell him about your next event. When Posada accepts, that commitment includes his personal guarantee that your audience will be delighted or you get your money back! And rest assured that presenting Posada is far more likely to generate returns than refunds. As Woody May attested:

"My telephone has not stopped ringing! People want a return engagement soon. It seems Joachim has left the group in a hypnotic trance!"

If motivation is the message ... then Posada is your man!

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