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Motivational Latino Speaker & Author Posada

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Motivational Latino Speaker & Author Posada

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

Dr. Joachim de Posada is the principal author of three best-selling books: Don't Gobble the Marshmallow...Ever, Don't Eat the Marshmallow...Yet and How to Survive Among Piranhas. They have been printed in 20 languages and sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Dr. Posada co-authored several other books including Celebrate Selling: The Consultative-Relationship Way, and he was mentioned along with Mark Hansen, John Gray, Patch Adams, Steve Allen and Paul J. Myers in Share Your Mission: The Personal Thoughts of Twelve Great Americans. He also wrote and published two highly successful motivational booklets: Business Intelligence and the Motivational Mini Book.

Co-authored by "Mr. Media" Bob Andelman and just released in 2013, Joachim de Posada's latest book Keep Your Eye on the Marshmallow is sure to be his fourth best-seller. Here are just a few of many rave reviews:

  • "What a great read, compelling story, and powerful life lesson! I'm going to get copies for all my children." - Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma
  • "Successful people know that to get what you really want, you often have to pass on what is offered during the first round. Joachim de Posada's engaging style teaches all of us how to say 'I pass' so that we can say 'I won!'" - Pegine Echevarria, consultant, author, success coach and creator of Team Pegine
  • "Joachim's brilliant message is our world's best antidote for the 'instant gratification' maladies that are undermining our success and happiness as a society." - Robert Chesney, executive producer of Window on Wall Street
  • "A delightful story that helps drive home important principles for business and life." - Terry L. Brock, president and CEO, Achievement Systems, Inc.
  • "The kind of story you can read and reread with new insights every time. If you want to begin changing your life right now, read this book." - Marcy Ullom, Ed.D., Associate Vice-President, University of Miami

A prolific writer, Joachim De Posada regularly posts to his blog, writes a weekly column in the Business Monday Section of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun and has a motivational capsule three times a day in WOSO, the only commercial English Radio Station in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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