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Personality Assessment by Keynote Hispanic Speaker Posada

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Personality Assessment:
Keynote Hispanic Speaker Joachim de Posada CSP

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

Before hiring someone, would it interest you to know if the person is easy to supervise, hardworking, cooperative, good with customers, thorough, innovative, and quick to learn the business? Before investing in the development of someone, would you care to know more about the individuals strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning methods and even key values and motivations? Personality is at the heart of answering these questions.

Consider the concept of fit or suitability. The degree to which a person is a fit with the demands of a job or an organization will largely dictate success or failure. An individual who is successful in sales will typically display an outgoing, relationship-building, interpersonal style. He or she may also be ambitious and willing to take risks. In contrast, an effective air traffic controller is likely to be calm, conscientious and not easily distracted. These are two very different jobs requiring different types of people. Clearly, characteristics that lead to success in one kind of work may lead to failure in another.

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Similarly, organization fit can be vital to determining an individual's success. Some organizations need people who are creative, willing to take risks and thrive in unstructured work environments such as an advertising firm. Other organizations demand practicality, adherence to process and consistent execution of the details such as a freight transportation company. Again, the degree of fit increases the probability of success.

The Hogan personality battery is designed to predict job performance. This is accomplished by measuring 3 different aspects of personality: motivators to determine person-organization fit; potential to ascertain person-job fit and derailers to identify behaviors that can hinder productivity.