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Productivity & Leadership Consulting by Motivational Hispanic Speaker Posada

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Productivity & Leadership Consulting

"Joachim showed a high level of professionalism and perfect communication skills, integrating totally with the participants." - Monsanto

Posada delivers results ... it's that simple! Here is a sampling of the solutions he will deliver for you and your team in the areas of:


Psychology Applied to Sales: The Power of the Mind

Productivity Participants are invited to experience first hand the potential everyone has to achieve their goals. Results in your life can be obtained to a degree you never dreamed. Joachim will share his special blend of mental and perception exercises designed to make you understand that there is much more out there than what you are seeing now. At the end of this program, you will know and feel that you have what it takes and it all depends on you.

Effective Sales Skills: Creating Headaches

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

In this interactive program, we go to the one-on-one, face-to-face skills that are needed to satisfy the customer's wants and needs. The word persuasion will have a new meaning after you have learned the different techniques that will make you more effective. How to create a headache in a customer so that he or she will feel inclined to buy the aspirin (your product or service) is the heart of this program. You will learn what questions to ask and how to ask them so that you may find the true customer's need and can then match it to the benefits of your product or service, leading to an effective close. "Spray and pray" will no longer be the method to sell.


Why Aren't You More Like Me?

Personality Before hiring someone, would it interest you to know if the person is easy to supervise, hardworking, cooperative, good with customers, thorough, innovative, and quick to learn the business? Joachim will apply the Hogan personality battery to predict job performance. This is accomplished by measuring 3 different aspects of personality: motivators to determine person-organization fit; potential to ascertain person-job fit and derailers.


The Synergistic Results of Working as a Team

Team Building Using the knowledge acquired about our personality style, we delve into each individual's behavior caused by each person's characteristics. Why do we react differently? How do we accommodate differences and similarities? How do we discover our individual responsibility to the team? What are the characteristics of a winning team and how do we develop them? The RING exercise developed by Dr. Posada is a central part of this program.


The Power of Effective Leadership

Leadership Today, leadership is needed more than ever. Can everyone be a leader? Who can and should be a leader? Using a personality instrument, we determine the qualities that a leader must possess and which of those qualities can be developed or must be compensated. It is a leader's job to coach people, to lead and empower them to be the best they can be. This program helps people take a good look at themselves so they can make needed changes.


How Do You Listen, Understand and Communicate with Your Employees?

Management This program goes to the heart of management: Communication. Participants will understand the concepts that will enable them to clearly understand what their employees feel and how to handle the different employee behaviors a manager must face daily. Assessment instruments are available to make an in-depth analysis of the management consulting needs of a company and if desired, solutions can be implemented.


How to Get Customers and Keep Them for Life -- A Road Map to Success

Customer Service In this exciting and practical program, participants learn the latest ideas that have been researched in state of the art customer service. One of the single greatest keys to long-term business success can be summed up in three simple words: quality customer service. Why is excellent service so rare? How can we change our culture to one of providing exceptional service? How do we get all of our employees to see the value of great service?


Unclog Your Brain! -- A Proven Way for Increasing Creativity

Creativity This program is not a boring, theoretical, lecture session. It is a fun talk that will inspire ways to enhance your day to day thinking and stimulate your brain to find alternatives to problems we all face on a daily basis. We will discuss methods for thinking smarter, faster and better, methods that should enhance your creativity 100%. Unclog your brain, will show you how to establish your mark in a "me too society."


Coping with Stress or Dying from It: A System to Save Your Life

Stress Management Stress is everywhere today and it seems we can't get away from it. There is one very good reason. We can't--it is impossible. There is only one solution and it is to understand stress and learn how to manage it. In this program stress is presented as a dynamic transaction influenced by one's overall level of well being across the dimensions of your life. It describes specific techniques to deal with and manage effectively.


Pitfalls and Paradigms: What You Need to Know to Succeed in Business

Business Management Most businesses fail, it is no secret. There are however some pitfalls that business owners fall into that will lead them to certain failure. We have identified 10 major reasons businesses fail and how to abort those attitudes and practices before it is too late. The audience for this program is small businesses that must compete on a day to day basis with larger companies. How to do so successfully is at the core of this program.


"Joachim was superb. I have had many requests to have him for a full day seminar in the near future." - Century 21

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