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Keynote Motivational Speaker For Team Coaches

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Keynote Motivational Speaker For Team Coaches

Motivational Speaker Demo Video Joachim de Posada, 1947-2015

Now more than ever, coaches and athletes are recognizing the importance of developing mental skills in order for athletes to become high performance individuals. They understand the importance of psychological factors in sports so as to gain competitive advantage. They need to learn how to handle competitive stress and anxiety, control positive concentration, increase self esteem, improve communication between coaches, athletes, and among members of the team, and learn through a psychological profile what athletes can better perform under certain conditions.

Using the most effective psychological instrument, the NEO-PI, a very good psychological profile can be obtained for each athlete. Using proven motivational methods, athletes and teams will raise their level of productivity to new levels, many times surprising themselves.

Inspiring Performance How did Larry Bird become one of the biggest stars in NBA history? He was definitely one of the greatest ... yet he wasn't the fastest, the tallest or the best dribbler. He has a secret that changed his life and turned him into an All Star and Hall of Famer. How can coaches apply that secret to their own athletes?

Inspiring Performance What can a circus elephant teach you about your own limitations? This knowledge helped a swimmer under Joachim de Posada's care to win the gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle swimming competition in the XXI Central American and Caribbean games in El Salvador in 2002.

Coach, what is limiting you right now? What is limiting your athletes? You will find out when you hire Posada to speak to your team! How does an athlete's paradigm and mental programming affect their performance? In his interactions with your team, Posada will conduct exercises to prove to each and every one of them what the mind can do!

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